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Multi Services Corp

Resolving Your

Mold Issues

Have you noticed a certain smell, or happen to see spots on your ceilings, walls or in your showers? Mold may be growing in your home or business!  If you suspect any sort of mold issue, reach out to us today!     

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Comprehensive Mold Handling Servic​es

Multi Services Corp offers complete mold inspection services, in and around the tri state area.  Our services include full testing, inspecting, and reporting.  Our team assesses molds by taking air samples and physical samples.  They are then sent to the laboratory for testing.  After the tests are complete, we follow up with a preliminary verbal report.  The verbal report will tell if there is mold.  Then we will give our professional recommendation and what actions are needed for a remediation specialist to resolve the problem, if any.  A follow up written report is also provided.   We also help clear up violations and write the reports for the city.

Who We Are

  • Our company was founded in 2018.  Starting as a maintenance and janitorial company, we were amazed with the amount of mold issues we came in contact with.  Some of these mold issues were found when the clients weren't even looking for them. Wanting to learn more, and help our clients with their mold issues, we became certified mold assessors.  Multi Services has since focused mainly on mold related services.  Our team follows all precautionary measures, protocols, and safety procedures.  Our team is fully licensed and insured.  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to help people who have possible mold issues in their homes or offices. We’ll help detect the problem and provide information on the necessary actions to take, if needed.  Mold can make any environment dangerous and unsafe if not properly treated.  Our mission is to give every client piece of mind when it comes to possible mold in their home or office.  

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