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Multi Services Corp

What Is Mold?

Mold is a fungus. Mold gives off spores which cannot be seen with the naked eye.  Mold spores are ubiquitous in nature. They are found all over in the air, including indoor and outdoor. When landing on the right surface with the right conditions, the spore will grow into a colony.  When enough growth occurs, you start to see a visible colony.   The colony can grow in size if it has the ideal conditions, such as food and moisture.  

 Molds are considered part of the kingdom "Fungi" where there are over 100,000 species.   Although many molds are great for the natural outdoor environment, molds become a problem when they go where they are not wanted, like our homes or businesses.  

How Does Mold Enter Your Home?

Mold enters your home as tiny spores floating through the air.  They can enter through doors and windows or even be carried in by your pets or foot traffic.  Even though spores are present everywhere, they need moisture to begin to grow.  Mold can grow on any surface, such as wood, tiles, wallpaper, carpets, insulation and sheetrock just to name a few.  Mold grows best in areas with elevated moisture from water intrusion or high relative humidity.    Mold can start growing in 24-48 hours if conditions are ideal.  Water damaged materials should be dried within 24-48 hours to prevent mold from completing its entire life cycle.   The potential negative effects of mold are concerning to everyone especially children, elderly, those with a weekend immune system and those who have pulmonary issues.  

How Does Mold Affect Your Health?

Common complaints relating to mold exposure can include some of the following symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, depression, anxiety, memory loss, muscle aches and gastrointestinal issues.   Not all molds are created equal.  While some molds can be allergenic to some people, other molds can be extremely dangerous and can be deadly.  If you suspect possible mold in your home or business, reach out to us today.