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Multi Services Corp

Professional Mold

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Mold Inspections

What We Do

  • Identify surfaces with water damage and/or mold growth.
  • Air samples are taken in and around the possible affected area before being sent to the lab to determine if mold growth is affecting indoor air quality (results times vary upon personal request).
  • A moisture meter is used to measure and evaluate water damage (if there‚Äôs any).
  • After lab results come back, a verbal report is given within 24 hours.
  • A follow-up written report is given within 3-5 days, including the recommended corrective actions (such as mold abatement work) or further evaluations
  • Our inspections include 3 samples.  An indoor, outdoor and a swab sample when mold is visible.  

Sampling Methods

  • Air Sampling: Results of air sampling can show different mold levels and species.
  • Swab Test: The swab is encased in a tube with a liquid that wipes the surface. This is sent to the lab to show mold levels and species.
  • Tape Lift: The tape touches the mold and is placed on a slide for analysis. Results will show different species of mold in a specific area.
  • Bulk Sample: A piece of an affected area is removed and sent to the lab for analysis.

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